Filming ‘Art Cake’ dance project with director Corydon Wagner

I’m a German-born, New York-based cinematographer and visual storyteller always up for an adventure. They say I’m the ‘go-to’ guy for shooting in the challenging environments—from the eternal darkness of the Polar circle to the stark Bolivian salt deserts and even in the heart of crises like the Iraq War and the Haiti Earthquake. Fun fact: a director on a fashion commercial in the Senegal once quipped I’d be his first pick if stranded on a deserted island!

 My never-ending curiosity doesn’t stop at remote adventures; I’m equally at home in studio settings, trying to weave creativity into every frame. I have a soft spot for technically intricate projects and am always on the hunt for the next visual frontier and cool gadgetry.

 Got a project in mind, or just want to chat over coffee? Reach out! 

I also just discovered that I need a sailboat in my live. I live 15min from the Atlantic and I don’t sail. What’s up with that? Definitely reach out if you have a sailboat.